[ pricing for services ]

In an effort to simplify determining the cost of a project, rates are based on page count rather than an estimate of the time required to complete a project. Page count is considered to be the industry standard of 250 words per page, allowing the author to divide the total word count of the document by 250 to determine the approximate cost of the project, depending on the type of service requested.

     Proofreading - $2.50/page

     Copyediting - $3.50/page

The above rates are based upon the review of a document provided in an electronic format which can be edited or converted to be edited in Microsoft Word. Documents provided in PDF format may require additional handling fees. Paper documents will be accepted for editing, but we need to determine the method of transfer of the document, postage fees and other charges prior to accepting the project.

Please note: If a review of a sample document indicates the need for extensive edits, pricing may be increased to account for the additional work required. However, a price will be agreed upon by both parties prior to the work being started to ensure no surprises occur.

Fees may be negotiated based upon a client’s needs and the number of documents already in line to be reviewed. First time you’ve written a book? Starving college student? Just need a break? Contact us to discuss the project and find out if we can agree to some terms.